Welcome to Larry's Tiling

Larry's Tiling Services offer competitive, value for money tiling services throughout the Adelaide area.

We understand and appreciate that your home is your special place that is a reflection of your identity. It's your sanctuary where you go to enjoy that private part of your life. Your home is also something you share with your closest friends and relations and you want your home to be something you can be proud of

Here at Larry's Tiling Services, we will work in conjunction with you to achieve that special effect that only tiles can give. We can suggest colours, tile types and borders for your home.

If you are planning a new home or renovating an existing home, Larry and the team from Larry's Tiling Services can help you achieve what is pictured in your mind. Whether it be kitchen tiling, bathroom tiling, external tiling or general floor tiling in the house, we have the expertise to create that special effect in your home.